Vessel Wellness

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Social Wellness Groups for Tech-Centric Teens

 Vessel provides online wellness groups for teens and young adults focusing on enhancing social, communication and emotional wellness skills.


Developed in partnership Emory University's School of Medicine, our initial 10-week workshop helps participants to develop invaluable skills, connect with others, and prepare to take on the challenges of each day.


Based on the revolutionary "Vessel Theory," teens and young adults learn to frame their world with the Vessel mindset to increase meaningful social connections with others.

Ages | Duration

Current groups are designed for high school-age teens 14-18 and young adults aged 18-24

Each workshop runs for 75 minutes once a week over a 10-week period

Sessions are currently held virtually (IRL activity is TBD at this time)

(Contact us if interested in middle school-aged group)


Content | Skills

Our basic 10-week program covers a variety of science-backed carefully curated content designed especially for teens and adults.​

  • Social/Communication Skills

  • Anxiety/Stress Management

  • Self-Esteem/Identity

  • Tech/Social Media-Related Issues

  • The Science of Happiness

  • Assertiveness/Boundary-Setting

  • Mindfulness Skills

  • General Life Skills

  • Goal-Setting/Motivation

  • Family Dynamics



Freedom from worry and anxiety, a state of mental tranquility


A warm and fuzzy feeling from an experience or memory


boosted state of health and happiness

Vessel values


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Through years of experience working in the clinical mental wellness space and utilizing evidence-based techniques, the founders wanted to develop a simple framework to better improve overall happiness. By way of multiple prototype sessions, a partnership with Emory University School of Medicine, and a teen advisory board, Vessel Theory was formalized. 


Vessel Theory helps individuals better understand the connections between their Vessel (body), thoughts, feelings and actions. It is an effective way to help individuals better navigate their social and emotional worlds, while building life skills and connect with a community of other Vessel participants.