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Social Wellness for Teens + Young Adults 

Vessel Values



The Vessel community bonds through meaningful, facilitated experiences



Necessary social, wellness, and life skills delivered through engaging activities



Maintain momentum with Vessel's ecosystem of community partners and opportunities

Our Purpose

 Vessel provides live and virtual groups for teens and young adults focusing on enhancing social wellness and life skills.


Developed in partnership with Emory University's School of Medicine, our initial 10-session experience helps participants learn invaluable skills, connect with others, and prepare to take on life's challenges.


Based on the innovative Vessel Theory, teens and young adults learn to frame their world with the Vessel mindset to increase meaningful social connections with others.

Our Purpose

About Vessel

At Vessel, we believe ecosystem matters. Through years of experience in the clinical mental wellness space and a deep understanding of evidence-based science, Vessel's founders formalized a simple framework to improve quality of life through the power of human connection.

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